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Information about being ordained Fast by World Christianship Ministries

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Providing simple Christian Ordination with the authority to do all Christian services.
World Christianship Ministries is the ministry of choice for Sincere Christians seeking fast Ordination

Do legal weddings ceremonies, baptism services, funeral services and more

Many people find simple Ordination more attractive than trying to be ordained by a mainstream church or denomination.  The reasons for this are usually rather simple.  Going to mainstream seminary is usually very expensive, and you are tied to that denomination once you graduate. Also, going to seminary takes a lot of time, sometimes years of study.   And of course, if you are getting older like many of us, the thought of going back to a school setting is not very appealing.  With the type of simple Christian Ordination we provide you have your authority almost immediately.  You can then begin your Christian work without delay and take your new independent Christian ministry or church in the direction you wish it to go.  If you obtain our Church Charter then we also give you authority to Ordain people yourself into your own ministry or church, under your own ministry or church name.

Even before formally starting your church or ministry you will have the authority to do something that can earn you extra money for your new church or ministry, and help support yourself and family.  You can do legal Wedding Ceremonies as soon as we ordain you.  In many cases, this has become a full time job for tens of thousands of the people World Christinship Ministries has ordained.

To learn more about what World Christianship Ministries can offer you we suggest you take our GUIDED SITE TOUR, which takes you through the important pages of this website.

If you wish to Apply for Ordination with World Christianship Ministries you can click one of the Blue Buttons Above to open our Ordering Form and Application Page.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to call us at  (559) 297-4271  -  We are happy to answer your questions.

World Christianship Ministries has been providing simple Christian Ordination now for over 41+ years.  We have ordained several hundred thousand people in that time period, a large percentage of those people are doing legal wedding ceremonies all over the USA. 

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