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Questions & Answers about Becoming Ordained
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How do I become ordained?

You can become ordained by filling out our brief application and submitting it by Mail, by FAX, by Phone or you can attached the completed application and ordering form as a PDF attachment to our E-Mail address.

I have heard that the World Christianship Ministries offers many Free Bonus items with your packages, is this correct?

Yes, we do offer many Bonus items if you apply for one of our packages. Also, currently we offer an extra Free Letter of Good Standing, or a Free Certificate of Accomplishment with each package. Click one of the links above to open our Application/Ordering forms and scroll down several pages to find the list  of Bonus certificates and items for each of our packages. Also, as you scroll down the page you will find examples of several certificates and our 3 parchment paper colors.

How fast can I become ordained?

You can be ordained as soon as today. Call us for more information if you need fast ordination (559) 297-4271. For other ordination and processing times, we usually have you ordained 1-3 days after your application is in our hands at our ordination processing office, and your package will be placed in the mail the next business day. You are ordained as of the time your documents are prepared and signed by the administrator of WCM.

What do your certificates look like?

Certificates are printed on your choice of parchment paper color. Here is the link to our Certificates Page where you can see examples.

I am a retired senior citizen and veteran and in my 60's. Can I get ordained and start doing religious services right away?

Yes, absolutely!  We love to hear from Seniors and Veterans. WCM is a Senior and Veteran friendly website. Many seniors get ordained to do a family wedding or friends wedding. Many also start doing weddings to supplement their retirement income. Almost all weddings in homes, gardens and other informal locations are easy to do. Read more about doing weddings on our Marriage Minister Page.

What is the difference between your ministry and a ministry online that will ordain me right away with a computer generated form?

A computer generated ordination document, with no personal contact with you, causes problems in some states for doing weddings.  We can have you ordained the same day also.  However, what we do is PDF a copy of your "real" ordination certificate to you so you will have a "real" color copy of your ordination document with original signatures right away.  For states that require you to file a copy of ordination before doing weddings, the PDF copy works just fine in almost all situations.  Computer generated ordination from most websites can and often do, cause some problems or delays for you.

Many online ministries offer Clergy or Minister packages. Does your ministry offer them also, and if so, what is the difference?

Yes, we do offer Clergy, Minister or Ordination Packages and there is a big difference between what others offer and us. Almost all online ministries offer packages of various certificates and a few general items such as marriage and baptism certificates.  Very few of them offer good information about being ordained, how to begin your new ministry or church, or how to do wedding ceremonies. And none that we have found, offer Bible study courses.  World Christianship Ministries, offers 9 informational handbooks about ordination and beginning a new ministry, 9 excellent Bible study courses, and other informational things that are helpful when you are just beginning your new ministry. We also offer many, many Free Bonus items with the various packages that we offer.

If I leave my name and address on your site to receive your information and ordination application packet, how long before I receive it?

Your packet is usually mailed out the next business day and should reach you 3 - 5 days after we place it in the mail.   Request Information Packet Here

Do I have to renew my ordination each year and send another offering?

No, your ordination is valid for life and you do not have to send in any yearly dues.

After sending in my application, how long is it before I receive my ordination package?

Generally we have your package placed in the mail 1-2 business days after the application is in our hands. Once your package is placed in the mail in the USA you should have your package in 2-5 business days if the Postal Service is running on time.

Is it possible to expedite my application if I have something like a wedding coming up quick?

Yes, if you have something coming up quick such as a wedding, we can ordain you the same day if you call in, fax in, or PDF your application to us and explain your need. We will PDF a copy of your ordination certificate to you so you have it within a couple of hours of your request. Then we mail out your package the next day.

Does World Christianship Ministries have any real experience in doing weddings ceremonies?

Yes, we have extensive wedding experience. The administrator and founder of WCM has done over 2,500 marriage ceremonies. We are most likely the only ministry on the internet with this type of "hands on" wedding experience. As such, we are able to offer you excellent wedding advice if you give us a call. The administrator has written an excellent Marriage Minister Handbook that is an excellent, straight to the point, reference on all aspects of doing wedding ceremonies. The handbook is based on the 2,500+ ceremonies he has performed himself.

How many people has The WCM ordained in the USA and other countries?

Generally we have ordained about  2,000 to 15,000+ in each state of the USA during the past 42+ years, depending on the population size of the state. We have also ordained several thousand people in other countries.

Do you put my name or information on any mailing list, or on the internet?

No, your information is NEVER shared with anyone and never placed on a mailing list.

Why do you make ordination so simple?

There are so many people who can not afford seminary schools, or are too old to attend now, or that feel denominational ordination is to restrictive and such. Many people want to begin a ministry now, without delay, because they feel called to do so. There are many reasons why people seek quick ordination. To this end we make ordination easy as long as their work is Christian only.

Does World Christianship Ministries offer the honorary Doctor of Divinity and Pastoral Counselor certificate?

Yes, we do offer the honorary Doctor of Divinity, and the Pastoral Counselor Certificate also. The Pastoral Counselor certificate requires completion of our New Testament Bible Study course before the certificate is issued.

Do you ordain every person that applies?

We ordain almost all people that apply. However, on rare occasions we do not approve an application.

Can I use the name of World Christianship Ministries once I am ordained?

The answer to this question is yes and no. You can use our name as the ordaining authority which  gave you the right to do Christian services such as marriage, baptism and funerals. You can use our name as the authority that gave you the right to begin your own independent church or ministry, using your independent church or ministry name and not the name of World Christianship Ministries. We DO NOT give anyone that we ordained the right to use World Christianship Ministries name in a way that makes it sound like that name belongs to them. World Christianship Ministries name is an incorporated LLC and may not be used as the name of your new independent church or ministry.

Is the Government involved in the ordination of Ministers?

No, the government (by law) is forbidden from being involved in religious practices. Ordination is a religious process that is up to the church, ministry or religious body what wishes to participate in that process.

Am I tax exempt after becoming ordained?

No, that is a common misconception. If you wish to seek tax exemption after being ordained you would have to apply to the government in your name and your own church or ministry name. WCM does not allow our name to be used on any tax exemption applications. Keep in mind that if you are granted tax exemption then you have opened the door and allowed the government into your new ministry. Most people we ordain prefer to be a "tax paying" church or ministry and keep the government out. Also, tax exemption has Nothing to do with your right to be a church or ministry.

Do I have to register with the government after being ordained?

No, the federal government and states do not register ministers.  However, there are a few states where you must file a copy of your ordination certificate, and maybe fill out a state form for doing weddings. Some states wish you to prove you have the authority of ordination before letting you do a marriage ceremony. For complete information about the marriage laws in your state Click Here and and then click on your state to view the laws.

What authority do you give the people you ordain?

World Christianship Ministries gives you the authority to do all Christian services and begin your own independent ministry or church anytime you feel ready. If you are planning to ordain people yourself into your new ministry or church you Will Need our Church Charter. Ordination by itself does not give you the authority to begin ordaining people. That authority comes from our Church Charter which you can apply for on our application at the time you apply for ordination.

What ordination title should I use?

Most Christian titles are acceptable. Visit our "Titles Page" to see a listing of titles and their meaning.

If I have a question after being ordained can I contact you?

Certainly, we are happy to answer questions before and after ordination. Our phone number is (559) 297-4271.

Does World Christianship write and prepare all the things you offer?

Yes, all handbooks, Bible Study courses, and materials are totally written and prepared by World Christianship Ministries. Most of the the things we offer were written by the administrator of WCM.

What type of Bible Study does WCM offer?

All of our Bible Study courses use the King James Version of the Bible. The courses are easy to complete, yet very effective at expanding Bible knowledge. Visit our Bible Study Page for detailed information about these Excellent Courses.

What type of handbooks and materials does WCM offer?

For a listing and explanation of our handbooks and materials visit our Handbook Page.

Can I do a legal wedding ceremony in the USA if I am not a citizen?

To answer that question, you need to speak with your local County Marriage License Office.

Is it hard to do wedding ceremonies after ordination?

No, not at all. To learn all about doing weddings visit our Marriage Minister Page. Most marriage ceremonies are very simple. We here at World Christianship Ministries all have extensive experience doing weddings ourselves. The Administer has done over 2,500 wedding ceremonies and the Administrative Assistant has done over 2,000 marriage ceremonies. Call us if you have a question about doing weddings, we are experts in this area of the ministry.

Do I need to be ordained or licensed or both?

With WCM both ordained and licensed mean the same thing, so we use both terms on the ordination document. However, licensing means different things to different churches and ministries. Licensing does not come from the government, it comes from the church or ministry and does not concern the government as it is a religious process.

Do you have a question that has not been answered on this page?
Give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions.
(559) 297-4271

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