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Become an Ordained Minister as early as today. Legal Ordination with full authority.
  34+ Years of experience with simple Christian ordination...Personal Service

World Christianship Ministries
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Become an ordained minister almost immediately!

      Becoming an ordained minister (ordained clergy) is the most important thing you can do to start your independent ministry or church. Ordination is your legal authority to do all Christian services including performing wedding ceremonies, baptisms, do funeral services and more. Receive ordination and become a ordained minister, ordained pastor, ordained reverend, ordained evangelist, ordained chaplain, ordained apostle, ordained missionary, ordained elder, ordained deacon, ordained preacher, ordained bishop, ordained prophet or other Christian title. You pick the ordination title that you wish. WCM has 34 years of experience in ordaining sincere Christians.
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     Many new opportunities will be open to you as an ordained minister. If you wish, you may work from your home and be a wedding officiant (wedding or marriage minister) and travel to locations like homes, gardens, parks or other small churches to officiate a marriage ceremony. Ordination makes it possible.

     World Christianship Ministries gives you the legal authority of ordination, and the legal authority to begin a church or ministry. You may then take your new Christian church or ministry as far as your talents allow. There are no limits to what you can achieve once you are legally ordained.

     DO MARRIAGE CEREMONIES.... Simple home, garden and park ceremonies are very easy to do and often earn you an excellent fee. Did you know that lots and lots of people basically just want to be pronounced as husband and wife by someone who has the authority to do that? (an Ordained Minister)  Others have very small ceremonies in their home which takes very little time to do. You do not have to spend lots of time with wedding rehearsals and such unless you want to get involved in that.  The very simple wedding ceremonies account for the majority of marriages, and you can easily instruct the couple and wedding party (if they have one) what to do just before the wedding. Visit our Weddings Page for more information.  Also you can visit our main website at which currently has more information that may interest you. World Christianship Ministries has "hands on  experience" in doing wedding ceremonies. We have personally done several thousand marriage ceremonies ourselves and know, by experience, what we are talking about. If you have questions about doing weddings, or a question about the opportunity we can give you, then give us a call... (559) 297-4271

We recommend that you take our Guided Site Tour which will take you through the most important pages that explain what we offer.

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Complete Marriage Laws, Codes, Statutes for each state & Who can perform wedding ceremonies in your state.
Using the interactive map below, CLICK on your state to view your states Marriage Laws and Information on being ordained and licensed in your state.


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