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Simple Ordination verses Seminary Ordination

When it comes to becoming ordained or receiving ordination there are a lot of misconceptions. On this web page we will separate fact from fiction concerning the ordination of Ministers, Pastors, Bishops and other clergy titles.

Question: In order to become ordained you must attend a Denominational Seminary?


In past decades and centuries this was predominately true, however this is no long the case. Let's take a look at what Seminary means currently.

Most Christian Seminaries will take a long time to complete their course of study.

Most Seminaries will cost you a lot of money to attend.

Most Seminaries can restrict what you can do with your ordination after you are ordained.

If you leave the Seminary Denomination in the future, you may also loose your ordination authority.

People who run the Denomination will dictate what you can and can not do or say from the pulpit.

In short, you have very little independent authority with Seminary Ordination.

However, many people prefer this route to ordination and this type of authority and oversight by the Denomination Leaders. If that is what you wish, there is nothing wrong with following this path in life.

Fiction: Becoming ordained by an independent ministry or church that has a website online does not give me the same authority as Denominational Ordination?


This statement is both True and Not True.

Many websites will ordain you as almost anything such as a pagan minister, devil worshiper, or any religion you wish to pick. However, when they have no real convictions themselves, their credibility in passing on convictions with principles with their type of ordination is extremely low. They ordain you to Just "Do What's Right"(Interesting), but not a sincere ordination. Such ordinations may or may not cause you problems down the road, depending on how you are using it.  Also these ministry's are often very hard to get in touch with should you have questions.


There are some ministries and churches on line that can ordain you in a simple, quick manner and give you all the same authority as a Seminary Graduate.

From our beginning over 37+ years ago, World Christianship Ministries has been a Christian Only ministry and we only grant Christian Ordination. That ordination is good for life.

WCM grants full legal authority to the people we ordain to do all standard Christian services such as Marriage, Baptisms, Funeral services and more.

We grant you full legal authority to begin your own independent ministry or church anytime you wish. WCM credentials can only be used for Christian purposes.

We give you full independent authority to develop your new Christian ministry or church as you see fit. The only oversite we have is that if you use the credentials for non Christian purposes, or for something illegal, then we can revoke the ordination.

The materials, handbooks, Bible courses and such that we provide are designed to give you guidance in starting your new ministry or church. WCM is also accessible to you by phone should you have any questions in the future.

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