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There are only 2 steps to becoming ordained by World Christianship Ministries

Step Number 1:  Complete our Brief Application and Ordering Form and submit the forms to us using 1 of the 4 ways below. Be sure to include our coupons for Free Bonus Items if you are applying for one of our Clergy (Minister) Packages.

Step Number 2:

You are ordained as of the time your documents are completed and signed by the Administrator. At that point you have the same authority as all people who have been ordained, even ministers who had to go through lots of schooling and spend lots of money for their ordination. Your Ordination and other things you may have applied for is usually mailed out 1-3 business days after the application is in our hands.

Now, let us answer many of the specific questions you have about your new ordination

How long is the Ordination valid for, do I need to renew it in the future?

Ordination is valid for life as long as your work is Christian only and you do not use the ordination for anything illegal. Some internet sites as well as denominational ministries and churches believe that Ordination must be renewed in order to remain valid. There are no laws about this and we at WCM do not believe in regular or annual renewal fees in order to maintain your ordination. Generally the benefits to the ministries and churches that like regular renewal of ordination is monetary. They get more money from you on a regular basis.

What does it mean to be Legally Ordained?

It means that the Constitution gives us Freedom of Religion so no part of the government (local, county, state or federal) is involved in regulating any religious practices such as ordination. Legality comes from our Constitutionally guaranteed Freedoms. Those people who wrote the Constitution were very wise.

Can anyone be ordained?

The answer to this question is yes and no. There are ministries on the internet that will ordain you as anything and everything from a Minister to a Buddhist Monk, a Muslim Imam, a Satanic Devil Worshiper, and more. They do not turn down anyone. We do not believe in that. The way we look at it, such sites have no real moral convictions.

World Christianship Ministries ordains almost all people that apply. However, on occasion we do have to decline an application. WCM is a Christian Ministry only and we only Ordain Christian Clergy and only authorize Christian services.

Can you become ordained without a degree?

Yes, all churches, ministries and seminaries can ordain in any manner they wish, degree or no degree. That is part of religious freedom. In seminary a degree usually indicates you completed a course of study. Ordination may or may not be granted with that degree.

Can I become Ordained and or Commissioned to do all Christian services and begin my own independent ministry or church?

Yes, this is the main purpose of World Christianship Ministries. When we ordain you we give you total authority to do all Christian services such as Marriage Ceremonies, Baptisms, Funeral services and such. We have recently added our Certificate of Commission which specifically commissions you to Preach the Holy Gospel of the Bible and begin your own Independent Church or Ministry anytime you wish.

Does the city, county, state or federal government have to approve my right to be an ordained minister before I am legal?

No, as discussed earlier, no part of the government has a legal right to be involved in religious practices.

Some states require me to register before doing marriage ceremonies. Is this the same as registering me because I am an ordained minister?

All state laws say who can do legal marriage or wedding ceremonies. All states, in one way or another say "an ordained or Licensed" minister can legally do marriages. A few states require you to prove you are ordained before you start doing marriage ceremonies. Most state do not require this. This is NOT the same as registering you just because you are ordained.

What is the difference between the titles you offer, such as, Reverend, Minister, Pastor, Evangelist, Bishop, Chaplain, Apostle, and Officiant?

Titles from WCM only denote the type of Christian work you might be going to do. Titles like Reverend, Minister and Pastor are very general, while the others are a little more specific. All of the titles that we offer have the same authority. Pick the title you feel most comfortable with.

I am going to be doing wedding ceremonies soon and want to get ordained within the next two weeks. How fast do you ship out my package after you have my application?

We almost always have your package placed in the mail within 1-3 business days. If you have a wedding coming up in only a few days, give us a call. We can usually have you ordained almost immediately so you can do the ceremony.

Does World Christianship Ministries have a good reference handbook for people just beginning to do marriage ceremonies?

Yes, we have any excellent "straight to the point" handbook  called the Marriage Ministers Handbook. This handbook was written by the Administrator of World Christianship Ministries and is based on over 2,500 wedding ceremonies he has performed. This handbook is an "easy read" and does not contain a lot of things that you will never use.

Do you have some other questions that you would like us to answer?

Give Us A Call:   (559) 297-4271   Yes, we do have a "live" person that can answer all your questions.

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